3 ways social media boosts businesses

Ninety-Five Percent. The outcome of a recent survey concludes that 95% of small businesses are unable to use social media networking for their commercial advantage. Instead of active social engagement, most small businesses were found making Facebook and other social network accounts primarily to just register their brands in the digital space. Even those businesses that were found to be active on social media got one crucial aspect wrong – social media networks are platforms to boost their brand’s online presence and not a ‘play-by-play’ corporate diary. These small businesses missed the point completely! Social media networking must lead prospective customers from a tweet or status to eventually filling a shopping cart or online order form.

With the massive shift from offline purchasing to online shopping almost complete, SMEs must also evolve their marketing strategies to reach out to their clients in an effective manner. No longer does propping up a website and sending an odd tweet every two days bring in sustainable revenue.

Only small businesses that can implement savvy online branding strategies will capture their share from the global retail e-commerce sales pie of more than USD $2 trillion in the year 2017 and beyond!


Online retailers, service providers and consultants work hard with website developers to produce an online presence that best reflects their mission as well as their products or services. While social media marketing efforts do not directly boost search engine rankings, close to 60% of marketers who linked their websites with a targeted social media campaign for more than a year saw a massive improvement in search engine rankings. As a website rises up in the search engine and towards the top of the list, this change in ranking brings more organic traffic and positive growth in both the organisation’s sales and clientele. Businesses should produce content that builds their credibility, such as blog posts, cases studies and infographics, but also integrate seamlessly with targeted keywords. When influencers will link back to your branded content, that too will improve the website’s rank.


Have to something to say about how things get done in your industry? Then the digital age is your moment to shine! Entrepreneurs and organisations interested in sharing insights about topics relevant to their field should leverage social media tools like Facebook or Twitter to establish themselves as thought leaders. By communicating well-researched content that explores concerns shared by others in the industry, entrepreneurs open a brand new channel through which they can connect with their audience as well as promote their thought leadership in a subtle way. Out of all of the available online networking tools, LinkedIn is best suited for marketing efforts that build your presence as a leader, and endorse your skills & acumen in relation to the trade.


With a minimum investment of 6 hours a week working on social media marketing and strategy, studies show that 66% of marketers have seen measurable benefits in lead generation for their businesses.

The on-brand content, be it brief blog post or a 30 second video clip, makes the business more accessible and interactive for customers, both existing and prospective. Every single piece of content, original or curated with a personalized message, draws the audience towards the company’s website and boosts online traffic. Consumers like to interact with other human beings and brands that learn to engage with their customers reap benefits all the way to the bank!

An individual who is active on social media is already more communicative and engaged with their community of friends & family members. By tapping into that sphere with smart, interesting content your brand can become a part of conversations that matter to the end-consumer. As the relationship between the brand and the customer grows, the increased brand recognition leads to a noticeable growth in the sales of products and/or services.