A holistic social media strategy looks at the complete marketing system rather than dealing with each of its parts individually.

What are the benefits of a holistic social media strategy?

Focusing solely on social media is all well and good. But, there is a limit to how effective it can be in isolation. A holistic method ensures that each marketing component – such as your website, emails and content –  helps support the rest. This can be incredibly effective in communicating your products and services to your customers.

Create a closed-loop

Your holistic social media strategy is a closed-loop. You promote your brand through social media by building a website that fits your business needs and produce great content to achieve those goals. People then come to your website for the content. If you capture their contact information, you can make it easy for visitors to continue to engage with you on social media through follow up emails, newsletters, tweets and Facebook updates to create return business and return buyers.

How can a holistic social media strategy help you?

How can a holistic social media strategy help you?

That depends on what your goals are. While adding followers is important, it means nothing if they don’t forward your business goals. One way to ensure that your social media strategy helps along your goals is to employ a holistic social media strategy.

The main idea is to have a specific goal in mind for your website. You can then provide content, information and materials to fit your potential customers and clients needs. You can use social media to promote that content and get visitors to your website. Once there, you close the loop, providing them with the content and obtaining contact information to engage and connect with your visitors through social media platforms and follow up with other offers.

This is also an effective strategy to move potential customers through the marketing funnel. At the top of the funnel is awareness, then consideration, and finally conversion. While your social media content can be used to create brand awareness, your website can encourage users to consider your product, and email marketing can convert your leads into buyers. Different platforms work together to move your new customers down the funnel.

This is a holistic approach as it doesn’t just focus on one element of your social media or marketing strategy but instead uses several to support each other. It’s no use having millions of followers if your content doesn’t contain the substance to make it worthwhile or the necessary information to bring visitors to your site.

Creating great content or services without promoting them is no use, but pure promotion with no meaningful content to back it up can quickly be discarded. This is why a holistic social media strategy is essential to growing your business.

4 ways to integrate your social media into other marketing assets

4 ways to integrate your social media into other marketing assets

  1. Use your email marketing to promote your social channels. Showcase some of the fun stuff that happens on your social media and promote it in your emails. Give people a reason to connect and follow you on social media.
  2. Add social media buttons to your emails. A simple and effective way to drive traffic to your social channels.
  3. Use the custom button on your Facebook page to increase your email database. Facebook has a ‘Sign Up’ call to action button which you can use to grow your subscriber list.
  4. Upload your subscriber list to Facebook to create a custom list that you can target with ads later. You can learn more about this HERE

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