With many businesses almost back to ‘business as usual,’ we can breathe a sigh of relief as we look ahead to great things for the rest of the year (we hope!) 

Many great resources were published to help businesses stay present online during COVID-19. Some businesses found themselves adopting channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for the very first time out of obligation. They now embrace these channels and utilise all their fantastic benefits and features to connect with potential customers.

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully over (for Australia at least) all the self-isolation tips, art projects and home exercises are less relevant, and many businesses are wondering “what do I post now?”. 

Read on to discover post-COVID-19 B2B social media content ideas for service-based industries including construction, accounting, education, and coaching.

Building and construction

Post before, during and after photos

Remember to take photos of your work before, during, and after you’ve completed the project. This shows that you’re still active in your field and promotes your service. Tag other businesses who were involved i.e. material suppliers, trades etc. This will help extend your reach and build relationships. Do this weekly to increase engagement.

Think about your unique selling points and share photos showcasing them. It could be where you operate, your customer service, your partners, whatever it is that makes you better than your competitors – share it. 

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Add a caption and location to your posts

Add captions and locations to your posted photos. Not only will your followers see that you are still working, but they’ll know where you are based.

Keep your caption descriptive and professional. It doesn’t need to read like an advertisement.  

Share multiple photos in one post

Uploading more than one photo in a post will show off your extensive portfolio. It will also give variety to your feed – a block of photos that are all the same is not a good look.   

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Share tips

Posting helpful tips and general financial advice is an effective way to be seen as an expert in your field. It also encourages people to follow you and stay connected with your business. Think about what is going to be really useful to people right now, for example:

  • COVID-19 related expense claims you should claim for 
  • Tax tips if you were stood down (give examples where you can)
  • Tax tips if you are on JobKeeper (give examples where you can)

Notify your followers about any deadlines

Tax time is now upon us – but not everyone knows all the right dates and times to lodge their return. Thankfully, you do. Share your knowledge on your page. It’s a helpful reminder for your followers and lets them know that you have their best interest at heart.

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Take a poll

Creating a poll allows your followers to engage directly with you. Use the results of the survey to confirm why it’s more beneficial to hire an accountant rather than crunching the numbers alone. For example, you could ask the question ‘how many hours do you spend doing your own tax return’. You’ll be able to ascertain the amount of time people are spending 


Share tips for engaging the community 

Support from the community plays a huge role in school fundraising, growth and student intake. Share tips and ideas on how educators and teachers can engage their community. 

Here are some examples of ideas you can share with your followers:

  • Invite guest speakers from the community to share their personal and work experiences with the students.
  • Put up posters of community events on your school notice board. 
  • Publish articles in the local newspaper written by your students. 
  • Publish articles in the local newspaper written by the Principal discussing school initiatives that build happy, healthy and well-educated children. 

Share useful links to resources for mental health

Support teachers by sharing useful links and resources that will support them in their conversations around mental health and ADHD. Be You by Beyond Blue is a fantastic website with plenty of resources to support teachers and educators. 

Fun classroom activity ideas

Teachers are always looking for new ways to make their classes more engaging and interactive. Source and share some ideas on how teachers can make their classes more engaging. Some examples include:

  • Quizzes with a buzzer
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • ‘Who am I’ or ‘What am I’ games
  • Bingo

You can find more ideas here

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Share your blogs

As a business, life, mindset, style or another type of coach, we’re sure you have loads of great content to share with the world! Make yourself a leader in your industry and start a blog sharing helpful tips and facts that your followers can use in their everyday lives. You can then share those articles on your social media channels to drive engagement and followers. Remember that publishing blog articles also helps your SEO! You can also repurpose these and create videos or podcasts, pull out quotes and tips, or develop audiograms.


Host a series of live video sessions on Facebook or Instagram. Create a schedule of topics you’re going to discuss and let your followers know when they’ll be so they can tune in. 

Show that you are a person

The best thing to post on social media is social content. Don’t be afraid to get social with your followers! Social media is the one place you can have fun with your brand and be playful with your content. Share a joke you laughed at, or a memory you treasure. Memes are great too! Have fun with your social media and watch your reach grow.

Trending topics

Posting about trending topics, events or worldly happenings means you’ll never run out of content. Share posts from other business pages or pages that align with your business or talk about trending topics or events that are important to you. 

Instagram and Facebook Stories

If you’re using Facebook and Instagram then there’s one thing you absolutely should do, Stories. Instagram and Facebook Stories are an excellent way to showcase your business and humanise your brand. They also tend to get a much higher reach than regular posts. You can add things like polls and questions to help create more engagement and find out more about your customers.

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