Australians aren’t just using Facebook to make friends. We now use Facebook to find events near us, businesses who can help us, second-hand products we need or new products we want. With features like live streaming, 3D photos, 360-degree photos, stories and so much more, Facebook is a world we live in. With 6 in 10 Australians using Facebook*, this social channel is a great place to build your business brand.

Did we mention Facebook is FREE?

Yep, creating a personal account and business page is 100% free. The only time you need to cough up cash to Facebook is if you choose to boost a post or run a paid advertising campaign.

So, you want to build your brand using Facebook? Here are our recommendations for growing businesses to boost your brand.

Create and regularly update your business page

If you’re new to Facebook, start by setting up a Facebook business page. Ensure your page is populated with clear and beautiful branded images for your profile and cover photo and that all information is complete and correct.

If you’re using Facebook already, make sure you are posting regularly (at least two to three times a week). Find out what days and times your followers are online by viewing the Insights section of your Facebook business page.

Make your page worth a visit

Facebook’s algorithm and paid advertising has made it harder for your page posts to appear for free (i.e. organically). One thing that can help your posts get more reach is the content’s quality. But, how would you define quality? Well, this all comes down to knowing your audience. If you know your audience’s wants, needs, desires and interests, you can create content they will engage with. People are on social media to be social. They like to be entertained, informed or educated. Your page content needs to keep this in mind and add value to their day. If it doesn’t, what’s the point?

Some ideas for Facebook content:

  • Tips
  • Insights
  • Industry news
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Testimonials
  • Behind the scenes stories
  • Humour
  • Videos, images or live streams from your business showing them something cool, exciting or new.

Remember, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

How to Build Your Brand Using Facebook - Social Media Agency Sydney - Focus SME

Establish your brand voice

You might already have a style guide and tone you’re using in your business, however, don’t be scared to relax a little for your Facebook communication. Facebook is a social media channel, the key word being social. It’s a place to talk to your customers like the real humans they are. Get chatty, have some fun and get social with them.

People want to connect with a brand and its people, not a business. If you can do that, you’re winning already.

Take a break from the sales pitch and use video, GIFs and memes to engage your audience.

Engage and interact

If someone leaves a comment or tags a friend, return the love with a ‘Like’ or a comment thanking them for their interaction. We don’t recommend doing this every single time, but if you pick up a good comment to respond to – go for it. Remember to answer questions that come through as comments and/or through your Facebook inbox.

Use Facebook groups

Facebook private and public groups have really taken off this year. Create a private group for customers or premium customers to offer additional support, advice or tips. Groups are a great way to build trust with customers and to keep them engaged with your business and brand. Example: a fitness studio may offer a group of regular customers a selection of videos with extra exercises they can do at home. Or a business coach/consultant may offer additional group coaching or learning materials for a membership group.

Facebook advertising

Unlike Facebook posts on your page, Facebook ads appear outside of the page, to your target audience. If you want to boost your brand, product or service, investing in Facebook ads is what you need to do. Ads are designed specifically to gain action from the person who sees it. Like a billboard, a Facebook ad has a short, sharp message with what you need your customers to know. It also contains a call to action button that takes them somewhere i.e. to your website to learn more, sign up, buy, download, etc.

To run ad campaigns you’ll need to set up your Facebook Business Manager.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Anyone can set up a Facebook ad, however, in order to get results that will shift your revenue, we recommend hiring a specialist who understands the features and campaign strategies that can help you get a higher return on investment from your campaign.

Let us focus on your social media while you focus on things you enjoy. If you’re looking to build your brand through Facebook, get in touch with us.

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