LinkedIn has become an important channel to build your brand and grow your business. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of LinkedIn for your business brand.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is like Facebook, but for professionals. A place where businesses can promote themselves and network with other businesses. LinkedIn was the underdog for many years but has now become a B2B gold mine.

LinkedIn for your personal brand

LinkedIn is considered to be the ‘home’ of your professional personal brand. With 94% of the world’s recruitment agencies using LinkedIn to find and assess job candidates, you’ll need an account to showcase your work experience, skills and personal brand.

A professional profile picture featured skills and endorsements and compelling descriptions of your work experience are the foundation of a strong personal profile on LinkedIn. You can further enhance this by publishing videos, native articles or by creating presentations on SlideShare. Amplify your personal brand by interacting with your connections – comment, like and share posts that you relate to or that align with your business ethics and personal brand.

Why does my business need LinkedIn?

With over 260 million users on the platform, LinkedIn is a key channel to promote your company and make connections with like-minded businesses or prospects. And, like other social media platforms, it is also a tool for SEO (search engine optimisation). Company social media accounts are often one of the top search results in Google. This means, it’s another way for people to find you and for you to dominate the search results for your business.

How do I use LinkedIn for my business?

Start by creating a detailed company page. Populate the page with a cover photo, a profile photo of your logo, a company description and details about your company’s operating times. Once your page is published, keep it ‘alive’ with content that ignites interest and sparks conversation.

TIP: After you’ve published a company update, click the dots in the top right-hand corner of the post and get a link of the post to share on your personal LinkedIn page, giving your company exposure through your personal profile.

Join LinkedIn groups

Just like Facebook community groups, LinkedIn groups are a collective of like-minded people who can share their experience, interests and personal stories to inspire others. You can learn more about LinkedIn groups here.

Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities allow you to target people by location, company name, industry, company size, job title, job functions, job seniority, and more.

Imagine you’re a Facebook campaign manager who wants to tell marketing manager’s about your Facebook ad campaign services. You could run a LinkedIn ad campaign targeting marketing managers in your area.

With LinkedIn’s unlimited supply of opportunities, useful content and advertising capabilities it would be foolish to ignore it. If you don’t already have one, set a goal to set one up this week and let us know how you went.

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