Social distancing may be a requirement, but keeping away from social media isn’t. With thousands of people in quarantine or self-isolation, social media has become more important than ever to help keep people connected. Not only are people consulting social media to keep *updated on the virus, but they are craving uplifting content to keep their spirits high. Just because businesses are shutting down, doesn’t mean you can’t keep customers engaged on social media.

*Remember to always verify the information you read on social media and consult reputable news or government sources like the ABC and News Corp to confirm the information you found.

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Let your customers know what you are doing to prevent the spread

Show the public that you are committed to stopping the spread of the virus. Share what measures you have taken to control the spread of germs. Whether it’s hand sanitiser bottles around your office, masks for your staff or investment in a sanitisation service – let people know how you are handling it. This gives your staff and employees peace of mind that they are as protected as they can be.

Share uplifting and/or informative content

All our social media feeds are inundated with coronavirus content. Don’t be afraid to share uplifting or inspirational content instead. Sharing informative news articles is also a good idea – just make sure you verify your sources first! Read these tips on how to identify fake news.

Offer online sales

Your customers may not be able to visit your office, store or restaurant but they can still make purchases online. Encourage your followers to purchase gift cards for future use or special occasions. This will help you to continue to generate sales and give your customers something to look forward to.

Offer discounts (if you can)

Offer discounts if your business model allows for it. Discounts will entice purchases and will help keep sales flowing. You could also consider offering FREE shipping.

Service your customers through digital channels

Determine what services can be delivered through online channels. You may still be able to consult with your clients through a video conference, a webinar or even live stream your dance or fitness class.

Host an event!

Live stream an event that you can charge people a small fee for. If you’re a chef, you could live-stream teaching viewers how to make a dish on your menu. If you’re a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you could live-stream a gym class for people to join from home. Don’t be afraid to be bold and get creative!

Stay in touch

Let’s not forget that social media is a great way to simply stay in touch with your customers. Keep them updated on when you’ll be closed or when you’ll be open. Or how you are doing business during these unique times.

Above all, avoid retreating and going silent on social media. Now is the time that everyone is online and we are all looking for something to keep us connected!

Share your social media stories with us! What are you doing on social media to stay connected with your customers during this devastating time?

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