Social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been at the forefront of digital marketing for many years now. A range of audiences can be reached, and businesses can personalise their brand in a way they never could before. Instagram has already proven itself to be an effective marketing tool. But with updates happening almost weekly, it can be hard to keep up with its new features, and your company might be missing out. This blog explores five new features on Instagram that you should be using to grow your business. 


Perhaps one of the most significant changes to Instagram is the addition of IGTV – a long-form video platform that is giving YouTube a run for its money. Unlike Stories, which only accepts fifteen-second videos that last 24 hours, IGTV allows you to share videos up to 10 minutes long (or up to 60 minutes for larger, verified accounts) and will stay on your IGTV profile for as long as you like. You can also share links in your descriptions. IGTV can benefit your business in ways you may not have considered before. You can now upload webinars or tutorials, showcase products or even conduct interviews with happy customers or staff. Why not post a Q and A with yourself to humanise your brand? The options are endless. 

Video call

You can now use Instagram to video call up to four people at once – and it’s a feature your company can benefit from. To video call someone through Instagram, you must have a Direct Message conversation with the person you wish to speak to. This way, your followers will know that they won’t be spammed with countless unwanted sales calls. This feature is perfect for those offering coaching or masterclasses, or even those who want to share feedback on a joint project. You can even interview potential employees or clients. Does customer support play a big role in your business? Call your customers directly and help them resolve their issue face-to-face. It’s a sleeker, more instant way to connect with your followers. 

Creator Studio 

First released in 2017, Creator Studio has evolved to be Instagram’s biggest feature in 2020, and YouTube’s next competition. Creator Studio allows the creator – a term given to any user who creates and posts original content – to post, manage and analyse their content across all their pages and Instagram accounts. The feature even allows the creator to schedule their own IGTV videos – all from the convenience of their desktop. Thankfully for business owners, Creator Studio has been designed to help creators earn money, whether that be from ad revenue, brand collaborations or fan support. Your business can continue to grow, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with your company’s social media.  

Question stickers in stories

Long gone are the days where you would use online polls to engage your followers – Instagram has now created the question sticker for your Stories. Question stickers encourage your followers to interact with your profile in a more meaningful way. Engage with your audience by asking them questions, or have them question you. You can even ask your followers what new products or services they would like to see on your profile. Not only is the feedback instant, but it can be used to improve your website’s copy, remove products your users don’t want and strengthen your brand message. 

Shoppable Instagram posts

Creating shoppable posts on your Instagram profile has proven to be a clever update for businesses that sell tangible products. Shoppable posts are available to all business accounts and allow followers to tap on a post or story, and shop through your merchandise. It’s also an easy way to increase your website’s traffic. Your buyers now have a seamless way to shop without having to leave your post or the Instagram app, and you don’t need ten thousand followers to obtain the ‘swipe up’ promotion feature in your Stories. It’s a win-win option for everyone. 

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